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About Us
The Ray County Women’s Resource Center is a wide variety of people who want to meet the needs of women in Ray County and the surrounding area who are facing the challenges of an unexpected pregnancy and may be thinking of an abortion.  Our team is committed to meeting those needs with hope, wise and accurate choices, and supportive people to walk with them.

We provide high-quality service and caring people to help you in the following areas:
  • Free pregnancy testing:  It is very important that you have this confirmed by both a high quality test and a medical professional.
  • Partnering with you:  An advocate which can lovingly and confidentially hear your story and help give you options that will help now and for the life ahead of you.  She and others at our center will be glad to be your friends and walk with you through this difficult time.
  • Limited Ultrasound:  We hope to provide this in the future at our own facility, but now we can help direct you to another center where this can be provided free of charge.  This can help you know for sure the condition and stage for both you and your baby.
  • Help and encouragement:  Others in your life, such as boyfriend, husband, parents, or friends are often a part of this process.  Because this may affect them as well as you, we want to address their concerns, too.
  • Referrals:  We can direct you to other teams and organizations to help you with additional needed services.  Of course, this will only be done with your permission.
Many people care about you and support this center so all these services can be provided to you confidentially, privately and free of charge.
We hope you'll choose us when faced with your choices.  Let us help you feel back in control of your life again! 

For more information on who we are and how you can help, click here.
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